How YaYa Turned Her Life Experiences Into an Effective Mindset Coaching Business

Mindset coaching is the practice of helping people change their mindset to help them achieve goals. People who struggle with mental health issues can benefit from this type of coaching as well as those looking for a more positive outlook on life.

For this edition of Virtual Hangout, you'll be able to hear YaYa's story about her life experiences before she became a successful mindset coach for women.

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 Coaching with Yaya - Confidence & Mindset Coach



How Do You Become a Mindset Coach?

You should start by collecting your experiences, identifying your passions, and gathering the skills you need. Skills like empathy, conflict resolution, communication competency, trust eliciting coaching model (yes!), researching for “aha Moments” (a key element to success), behavioral health diagnosis fundamentals (what is motivating this behavior?), and more. With these skills in place, it will be easier to confidently guide people through a process where they can become clear about their desires and what they want from life. Then finding a supervisor with a similar background is essential as well as finding mentors for areas where you have less experience or confidence. The most important thing is that you know yourself just as much as those whom you are helping.

What Does a Mindset Coach Do?

A mindset coach might help people manage stress, change negative thinking patterns, learn how to avoid procrastination and low confidence, figure out what is really important to them and work out how to stay focused on those values. A mindset coach will often work with his or her client over a significant period of time. They have a mindful skillset that enables them to help people identify where they want their life to be going and what posture they need in order for that desire to come to fruition.

How Do Mindset Coaches Get Clients?

Some mindset coaches get clients through referrals. Some use social media advertising to build their client base, others advertise on the radio or TV, others charge for access to "exclusive" content that can later be accessed by other people for free. Traveling around the country, speaking at universities, and other venues is another way to gain clients.

Virtual Hangout With A Mindset Coach, YaYa

Tanika de Souza: Hey, everybody. Welcome to virtual hangout. I'm so excited. I have an awesome guest today. You guys will definitely learn a lot from her and you can follow her on Instagram because what she's doing, I absolutely believe in. Phenomenal. And if you need this type of coaching and mindset, work and confidence-building, she's your girl. 

So introducing coaching with Yaaa, how are you? I'm so excited to be here and I am great this morning and I'm great. So thank you for having. Awesome. I'm glad to have you. This is so exciting and fun for me. So what we're doing today for the virtual hangout is really highlighting her business. I think she has a really unique story.

And for a lot of you who are birthing businesses out of your experiences and your passions and your ability to not only say this is what I've gone through, but that you have overcome. That situation. And now you're in a position to coach and to help others, I think is just truly phenomenal and continues to like, be your own testimony right.

Of your life. And then you're able to pour that into others. So that's what we're going to be talking about, but of course, how she was able to turn that into a business. So I guess you can introduce yourself and tell us what you do. And I guess, maybe start with like how you got into.

@coachingwithyaya: So I'm. Yeah, like she said, I am a confidence and mindset coach for women. And my story actually starts in 2014. I was laid off from a job that I had for six years and I tell people I was not prepared to be laid off. I know most people aren't prepared, but for me at that time, I was young living check to check didn't really have any savings. And when I lost my job, I thought I was.

Be unemployed for a couple of months and find another job, but that didn't happen. I was actually unemployed for a year and a half, and I was somebody who always prided myself on my career and being independent, taking care of myself. So not being able to do that for a year and a half and truly struggling.

There was a point where I had no money coming in. My rent was 1500. I think all of my expenses all in for my car with 500. So not having any money coming in, it was really stressful. And I basically went into a depression and I contemplated suicide a couple of times. And it was a friend of mine that talked to me regularly, could tell something was different and I said, I think you're looking at things all wrong.

Like you're coming from a place of scarcity. And you're looking at all the things that you don't have, but look at what you mean. And approach things with gratitude. And I'm like, what are you talking about? I don't have any money coming in. I can't paint my nails. What do I have to be thankful for? And they said you have a super supportive family.

If you need something, you can call them up and they will take care of you. You have a fridge full of food. You have a reliable car, even though you're going on an interview to interview. When you're not getting that job, you have a car that takes you there. You don't have to rely on friends or public transportation, and you have a warm, safe home to come back to when.

Okay. You might have a point there. So I started looking at all the things in my life that I could be appreciative of, even if it was like a friend that texted me just to see how I was doing the little small things and those things truly added up and it changed the way that I started approaching.

And my life. So I was grateful rather than going on interviews with this scarcity mindset. I'm like, I'm grateful that I have this interview and I know I'm amazing. And that really helped me change my mindset. And I say that changed my life because eventually, I was able to find employment. It wasn't the salary that I want.

And I was actually making $10,000 less than when I was making before hours. I'm unemployed. So I still have to work two jobs, but I'm like, I got it. It'll get me to where I need to be. And I just continued to like work. And during that time, because I was able to change my mindset, I started doing a lot of studying and reading about mindset.

I ended up speaking and talking to people about the power of your thinking and how you train your, the winters. You think you can truly change your life during that time. I've had a couple of certifications for mindset. Cool. And last year during COVID I was actually laid off from my corporate job. So once that happened, I was like, I guess this is the perfect time for me to go as a coach.

And I'm like, I have these certifications. I have. Tools and stories and things that I want to be able to share with other women. And that's really how I guide to confidence and mindset coaching. So I, wasn't always confident. And I know that being able to be able to work on your confidence and improve your mindset and truly change the way that you approach life and the things that are delayed, it can change your life because it changed mine so much.

Tanika de Souza: So you just said something that totally like we were talking, but then when you just said it just now, like my blown, because what you experienced and what was it? 2014 or 20. So when you absolutely. What people have been experiencing since 2020, right? A lot of businesses just had to close and we understood that because.

We're in a pandemic, right? You have the tools, you have the experience to say, I went through this several years ago. I was able to get out and here's what I did. And here's how I'm going to coach you. So literally, I'm telling you this because I know it to be absolutely true my degrees. So I'm a business coach.

My degrees are in counseling, psych. Okay, the colony world is going crazy right now because we just cannot serve these enough people. We, even though I am out of that world official. But I do coach like I've used all my skills to help people build their businesses. But what you're doing is absolutely need it right now because there's still a lot of people who decide I can't afford a therapist or I don't know how to get a therapist or I don't have the insurance for it.

They can hire a coach like you, who can say to them, I've been there. This is what I did. I wasn't prepared like who was prepared? No freaking global pandemic. Like no one. So your story is so relevant. And we were talking earlier about the fact that when you go live and tell your story, this is why that leads you to clients because they are absolutely in the space right now.

 So for a lot of you, even if you didn't necessarily lose your job and feel like you're in that like local. For so many of us, we're pivoting this place of like change and all of that. And then I want you guys to listen to her story because there are so many of us, I'm going to say I'm blessed and very fortunate that I never really had suffered from depression.

And that was actually what I am a trained therapist to do. My clients dealt with major depression, clinically. Major depression, most part of the depression. And then I also dealt with children and abandonment situations because often it wasn't diagnosed depression, but it was definitely on that cusp.

And my youngest client was either four or five years old because they were abandoned by their parents now living with grandma and they needed somebody in between or, they're living with a family member. So that's what I did this was my first time experiencing it. When I got laid off, I had never had it before, ever in my life.

I didn't know how to handle it. Thankfully, I had a friend, like I mentioned that check on me all the time and they could tell something was different because I was embarrassed that I was depressed. I was embarrassed that I was struggling. I didn't want to tell anybody, but I had those people who checked on me regularly and was just like, something's not right.

I think what you're saying is. Super salient. Like these things catch us off guard, especially like my clients who were postpartum, like clearly, you were at least for a lot of those women, they were excited to have a child and then came and it was like, oh my God. What is mentally happening to me?

And so what I'm also saying is for a lot of you who are listening and you just got caught off guard. So many of us were caught off guard by the pandemic. So many, none of us are caught off guard from all the consequences of the pandemic. Like I personally have attended way more funerals in the last two years than I have attended, like probably in the last, like 10 or 20.

And I'm also an ordained minister. So I. Can conduct funeral one, like at least one or two a month. It's crazy. I've read a number of funerals, no funerals because people are like families are getting COVID or getting this alive. Anyway. If you guys find yourself caught off guard what I don't want you to do is kinda put what she does.

Because he does speak to people who are in business and finding themselves, dealing with unemployment, or dealing with those kinds of struggles. But I want you guys to really be listening to how can this help you one? And then also if you're in business is there something that you need to birth out of what you know, how to do that can help people right now as the entire country.

Struggling and my community was global. So the entire world is going through so much. So that just hit me that so many people would need your services right now because of the pandemic because your story absolutely mimics that. And so just don't want you to be embarrassed. Like we know is happening, therapists are overwhelmed, everybody is overwhelmed. And then you also still have coaches like that. You can turn. Who can help you get through this time? You don't have to justify to us why you're in this place. We're just here to help you get over that hump and to, bring back some I'm going to say normally, right?

@coachingwithyaya: So I try to encourage I'm really big on. Advocating for mental health, because outside of the depression that I have, I've had social anxiety my whole life. I remember it as early as preschool. And so I try to share my story, tell people about the things that I've been through because I haven't always been confident having social anxiety.

And I'm like, don't be afraid to talk about it. Don't suffer in silence. If you are struggling. There are people that you can, sometimes it feels good just to talk to somebody, but there are people that are there to help you. And I will say I've been to I'm being laid off twice now when it happened in 2014.

I told you, it took me into a depression last year when I got that call, Hey, we're going to have to lay you off. I said, okay, thank you. I was fine with it. And I even talked to the CEO of the company since then. And he's I don't know what you've been up to when I said, honestly, that was a blessing in disguise for me.

I'm like the other people who struggle for me. Last year, it was rough because I lost people from Kobe, but I had a completely different mindset from what I had in 2014 because that's what I had been working on it. So I was prepared this time when it happened. I was like, all right, let's start my business.

Tanika de Souza: Yes. And that's the thing that I want people to hear too, is that especially for what you're doing, when you go through that and you're able to get over. These are skills that you're learning for today. These are skills for learning for your life so that you're able to better approach things and handle things and move forward quicker, right?

Because you went through another layoff, but you were able to say, okay, thank you. And just go into. I got this. This is like freaking out again. So this is not just an investment into oh, I don't know how to help myself. You're helping your life. Like you're helping yourself develop the skills necessary to pull yourself out of situations and move forward confidently.

Cause your confidence and mindset coach, helping people to move forward confidently. This is so awesome.

All right. So let's talk about what you're currently working. 

@coachingwithyaya: Okay. So I am relaunching. I took a couple of months off just handling lots of personal stuff. I recently relocated to a new state after living in Maryland for 20 years. So I am relaunching my group coaching program that is specifically for women entrepreneurs who are tired of playing it small.

Tired of self-sabotage want to get their inner mean girl in check so that they can really have their business flourishing. That launches I'm an October, as well as my one-to-one coaching that is for any woman, you don't have to be an entrepreneur, but if you are just struggling, you are doubting yourself again.

That inner mean girl, she, we all have her. If you're struggling with her, that you're self-sabotaging or, you want to accomplish things in life, but you don't feel like you have the confidence for them. I am here. And that's over, I want to relaunch both of those that the one-to-one and the group program.

Tanika de Souza: So tell us about this inner mean girl that you'd help us deal with. 

@coachingwithyaya: We all have her, some people like to refer to her as like an inner critic, but it's that voice that you hear inside your head. Maybe you're getting ready to do something that you've never done before. And they're like, are you sure you should do this?

You two can't really do. Yo, you don't know what you're doing or no, don't do this. You're going to fail. You tried to do it last time and it didn't work. It's that voice that tries to talk you out of doing things. Every time you step outside your comfort zone, they're trying to pull you back in. And a lot of times for us, she could be in the driver's seat.

And if she's in the driver's seat, she is sabotaging. our growth because she wants to keep us in that comfort zone. She wants to keep us safe, but that same like growth that happens outside of your comfort zone is so real. The break free from her as all my clients put her in the passenger seat, we'll start with putting her in her passenger seat.

By the time I'm done, I want her in the trunk and I want you to have control like control. Cause she will talk you out of even the smallest things. So you need to be able to recognize her first recognized. We'll see when she pops up. Cause sometimes she can be a lot louder than others and then learn how to get her in control.

And even myself as a coach, like I still have an inner mean girl she's there, but once she pops up now, I'm like, we're not doing this today. And instantly I might get in the backseat like I'm not letting you take control. And I said, once you're aware of her and you learn how to handle her, it becomes easier and easier to deal with her.

And then sometimes she gets quieter and quieter, which is what you want because you want to be in control of your life and not let some. Yes. So I think what you just said is powerful. Like I know a lot of us to deal with self-sabotage and like that inner critic and all of those different things. And what we don't recognize is that we don't have to we can learn how to take control of that.

Tanika de Souza: And the thing that I hear all the time because I do business coaching is people are like I just can't do X, Y, Z. And so I just challenge it Why? who told you that? 

@coachingwithyaya: Cause a lot of times it's not even our own voice. It's somebody else that had told us. And I found a lot of times it's something that happened when we were little, we try to do something.

We were little, if somebody stopped us or told us, you're never going to be able to do that. And that stuck with you all the way to adulthood and every time you're trying to do something, you think of what that person said. So yeah, like you, I challenged it, like who told you, you couldn't do that?

Whose voice are you hearing? And you're trying to do these things and is it true? Because most of the time it's not true, 

Tanika de Souza: but even the other side, which is a place where you and I can speak from is so what if that's what you thought like where we're living in that place of, so what, like what I'm doing it scared.

So what? I didn't think I could do this a couple of months ago. I decided that this is what I wanted to do, or this is what I want in my path. And so I'm going to make it happen. And I think a lot of people don't realize that you make your life happen. Like whether you're continuing to sabotage yourself or whether you're pushing to that goal.

It's all about what you decided for yourself and for your path. 

@coachingwithyaya: Yes. Yep. You are in control. And that's what I tell people. If you change the way you think, if you change your mindset, you can change your life. Yes. Change your life, so true. 

Tanika de Souza: Awesome. So I do know that currently, you have. Self-paced classes. Yes. So tell her, cause I know at least one that you told me about, 

@coachingwithyaya: so you hear me talking about your inner mean girl.

So I have a self-paced course that has actually caused slay your inner mean girl it's for someone who maybe they don't have time for coaching, or they prefer to do things on their own. And so it is a six-week self-paced course. Obviously, you can take longer than six weeks if you want to, but it's all about saying your inner mean girl.

Start with self-love because I think that you need to understand why self-love is important before getting that's the foundation before we build on all the other things that come with slaying your inner mean girl, and that comes with forgiveness. Sometimes we are holding resentment for someone else, or even for.

For things and learning about those limiting beliefs that we have, all of that stuff. The self-talk the way that you talk to yourself is so important because if you are, even when you stand in the mirror every morning, and if the first thing that you point out is, oh, look at your fat arms or, Ooh, you don't look that good.

That's your confidence in yourself is so important. So we talk about all of those things in the course, because I think it's important to be able to slay your enemy and grow the way that you talk to yourself, the beliefs that you have, if you are able to change those and create more positive thoughts and positive beliefs, it helps every time.

Mean girl pops up when she says, no, you can't do this. You're like, why can't I? Yes, I can get in the backseat. Like it helps you be able to create those more positive thoughts that will make her smaller and smaller. And so that's what the course is all about. Being able to regain control so that you can stop playing so small and stop self-sabotage.

We do it a lot without even realizing that sometimes since those things we just they're remote, it would have been realized that it's sabotage in ourselves. 

Tanika de Souza: And the thing that I love about it is, especially in the community that you're building the clients who would need your services. I think that self-paced is easily a way to start because when you're, so I'm going to say full of crap, right?

Like you're so full of the negative thoughts and all of this. Sometimes you're too embarrassed than you and I were talking about this, you too embarrassed to admit the place that you're in. And so you feel like it's how some of us, we feel like we have to pre-clean the house before the cleaners come Or Let me do XYZ to my hair before I go to the hair salon. This course, makes me think of that.

I can't show up this messed up and this jacked-up let me do something on my own. And I feel like the self-paced class for a lot of people is going to be the answer, even just for them to start opening their mind like, oh crap. I didn't even realize I was doing this. I currently have a client who I'm helping do some.

It's not even just confidence, but we just are doing so many different things together, but she is in a place where she felt like what she could see. And the limitations that were in front of her were just all there was. So her family is very religious. Okay. And so whenever they said something to her, she can just feel like they were throwing the Bible at her.

And so she couldn't hear anything else. So it was like, we drink and they don't. So they're just judging me. And I'm just like, but there are other things you could do like this clearly isn't taking you on the path. You want to be on the way, go to the other extreme, but she just had no clue. That there were people doing other things.

And so I think the same is true in your category. It's like I got caught off guard everybody, I always put up this front, I carried my Louis bag. I imagine this is your prior, right? They have all their nice stuff. Their decent cars, their nails did all the time and now I don't have a job.

That was me, That was me. I had the Louis bag. Hair was 

@coachingwithyaya: always done all that stuff. And then I'm like, wait, I can't maintain this lifestyle that I was going to have.

Tanika de Souza: I know a little bit about you because you spent 20 years literally being my neighbors. So I know what my neighborhood looks like. Hairstyle on deck.

Four to six weeks nails are always done. Yes, that was me. It's a whole thing. But the thing that I like about the self paces that you can jump in, you can work at your own pace, and then you can make a decision yes. Group. Yes, I need this. One-on-one you can do that from the comfort, like pushing yourself initially from the comfort of your own home. 

@coachingwithyaya: There's a lot of self-discovery because with each module that you go through there's homework and there are worksheets, and it's asking deep questions because in order for you to be able to like, get to the source of why or self-sabotage, or why you have that doubt or fear.

You have to dig deep, go back and tell your childhood and figure out where things happen. So I asked you a lot of questions that make you do some self-discovery, be more self-aware, but it really gets you to a place where you are able to. I see why these things are happening and then learn how you can change them.

And like you said, it's self-paced. So you can go on your own and you don't have to be embarrassed. I did it like the first round. I did it with the students that were in it and we had to write, I encourage them to write a little. Forgiveness. And that whole time that we were going through it, something was bothering me and I couldn't figure out why.

And I realized I, there was something that I needed to forgive myself for. So being able to write that letter of forgiveness was truly healing. And I was like, okay now my coaching is helping me too. So you don't have to be afraid of it because there are so many other women that are out here struggling that have similar stories.

They may have different stories, but they're, self-sabotaging, they're afraid they have self-doubt. And so that's what the course really helps you to be able to do some healing and some self-discovery. 

Tanika de Souza: That's awesome. 

So let's talk about your bigger goals. Like where is this going? And I know you're celebrating a milestone around now.

@coachingwithyaya: I'm celebrating my one year of full-time entrepreneurship. So yeah, we're excited about that. But year like breeze by. You talked about growth. I want to continue to have clients on a consistent basis. Right now I'm focusing strictly on one-to-one and group coaching. I will probably add some more self-paced courses in there because I know.

As entrepreneurs, especially if you're a solopreneur like me, you wear many hats, you have a lot of stuff going on. And I still want to have a life. Like I have that work-life balance. So it's not all business. So sometimes that self-paced is a lot easier. So I want to create more self-paced courses on topics that I know my clients also struggle with, but may not be covered.

And my coaching programs and in my corporate world. So I was a corporate event planner. I love planning events. So I want to merge the two and do coaching and an event. So down the line. I would love to have a retreat because I'm all about community. I think having a community, having women there that can share their stories, I love to ask women, like, how did you get into the business?

Because sometimes it's so inspiring when you hear somebody else tell their story. I talk about the things that they're doing. So I know my next thing will probably be like planning a retreat for a woman. 

Tanika de Souza: That's awesome. So are you up for some spot coaching? I knew. And I've already had some like good aha moments with you.

So I think one, thing that I would tell you is absolutely what you've been through relates to people right now who are. I'm going to say, trying to figure it out during this pandemic. So correlating your story to what people are currently experiencing. I think you'll grab a lot of attention that way, but also meet people where they are today.

So I would tell you to focus a lot of your marketing on the current struggles. And how that correlates to what you've been through and even sharing, like what the steps were that you took and how they can utilize those same steps. Okay. So that's going to be really great because that should give you a ton of content to speak about right now.

Cause you can just break all of that down into small chunks. I know you and I talked about it. Are you having a membership group? Yes. And I think ultimately, as you said, this is the type of client that needs a community. They need other people who are a step or two ahead of them and possibly even a step or two behind, so they can see their growth and be like, okay, I got ya.

Ya she's been through this I know I can get through this, but they let me be in this community where I feel like I belong and I feel like I can relate to people here and we're all striving to be in a better place. As we were talking about before, the membership for you is more down the line.

But the things you could do in the meantime, it's a kind of help you grow that and grow your skill as a coach so that when it comes time to launch that membership, you're either going to decide, yes, this is absolutely for me. Girl? No, because the reality is like for a lot of you listening, I do run a membership group.

Its business is a business coaching community, right? So it's for entrepreneurs, building business, all of that. However, for me, the person running the group, it is a constant I am, I have to constantly deliver. So I think you have to be in a place in your business where you're ready to do that. I have, I have a membership full of people.

They have questions, they have concerns. I'm running up a community. I did intentionally decide to not do it on social media. Thank you. Goodness God because social media is totally starting to mute our voices. And I am not building my business for you to tell me what I can and cannot talk about. So I built it offline, so that's a whole process, but then I also have to deliver monthly and weekly content.

@coachingwithyaya: Yep. 

Tanika de Souza: Keep them in the membership and then also attract new people. So I don't think of membership as a beginner sport. There are definitely are people who have industries. Like I work with a lot of personal trainers. The membership for them is great because they kept membership to their gym. They have a membership to other things fine with that because they're on a daily delivery.

Before a lot of us coaches, we want to create. And deliver, but that like constant delivery is something. 

@coachingwithyaya: And constant delivery is like, we have like new things. I want to be able to like, keep you interested. So I don't want to have the same topic. I want to be able to give you new things. So think about, 

Tanika de Souza: so here's a thing that you said, which I think is totally great.

And kind of that in-between one, you already have a self-paced class, right? So they can buy that. And start to slay that inner mean, girl, start learning your inside language and start understanding what the, what it takes in order for them to get past that self-sabotage and, kill that inner critic.

But you said you would do more. Self-paced classes, so the thing that you can add to that is if you pay for a self-paced class, then you can basically be in a private community where you just show up. For discussion don't necessarily have to present something new. Okay. Yes. Go through we're just going to go into like week one of slay, your inner mean girl.

And that way you're not creating something new and the community is still just for people who paid. So it's a little bit of taking the things from both, but if not too, if you go on a month's vacation and you're not showing up for discussion, you didn't promise anything because they're not paying you every single month.

They pay one time. 

We're adding on these discussions as I'm going to say a bonus. We can do is they can get into this private Facebook group. I'm saying Facebook. Cause I literally just like you were talking about how young I looked, but I was an original Facebook user when your college. Yes. You can have a college email.

So I was like, Ooh, I have that. I'm going to try Facebook. Like I was like, Ooh, I'm that old. I just dated myself. So when I run the same age and then they started allowing you to connect to people at other colleges, I was like, oh yeah, my cousins, I got all these colleges on my profile.

It was so cool. Anyway, that's why I speak about Facebook, but wherever you can have a private group, and this also is a community of people who spent money with you. If they spend money with you, once they're likely to spend money with you again, and they will be the audience that you will target for your retreats and for your workshops.

And for any other thing, you go to the first with kind of the exclusive. First, offer, and then you can go to the public. Okay. But whenever you offer a new self-paced class, you can teach one or two points out of that self-paced class. So the first one you said was six weeks, right? So let's say you have 50 people in your group, and now you've released a new self-paced class.

You can let them know this new class. On your website or wherever they can buy it. Link in bio, just a digital download from your link tree. And now you're going to discuss, you can tell them October 15th, we're discussing chapter one that gives them a deadline, but also if they don't buy it and they show up for the discussion, they can be a part of the discussion, but then now they want to.

pay for the paced course. Cause they understand that a little more and they got insight from you.

@coachingwithyaya: I love it. What, in their appetite, they didn't buy it. 

Tanika de Souza: Exactly. I'm not coming up with anything new. You're just going to highlight a few things from that chapter and have a discussion about it. And it's you have to have an inner private group because what you're talking about is very vulnerable.

So just private and when they pay for the subscription, you can give them something in that, that they, when they go to join your private group, they have to say it, and then you can accept them into the group. So whatever it is you can do that, but that's, that would be my way to tell you to start building that community, that challenge.

@coachingwithyaya: And that the notes. 

Tanika de Souza: Yeah. And that becomes like your inner circle of the women that you go back to, that you pour into. I currently use a streaming service that allows me to stream into multiple places. So for example, I can stream to my public profile or Facebook, my business page and my free group on Facebook, all that.

So they never have a concept for all of them. I can do that or I can pick and choose where I want the content to go, so I can talk in general. And then I also go and talk privately in my groups that were your next step, share the discussion points that you're going to make, but don't have the discussion in public, have the discussion in private.

@coachingwithyaya: Okay. So I'm definitely going to utilize these. 

Tanika de Souza: Awesome. I appreciate you being here. I think we dropped a ton of nuggets and the thing that I want a lot of you to walk away with is there are people, services, businesses absolutely geared up to help you right now, this it's a higher country.

The world is really going through a lot, so you're not alone. And there are people like YaYa who are absolutely equipped to help you manage how you're feeling and how you're doing, and not necessarily in a therapeutic way. Cause if you come to me, we're getting a whole treatment plan, we're going in.

But for a lot of people, that's not the approach they want. They really want to just tame. And just control that inner mean girl, as you said, put her in the trunk, right? So if you guys need help with that, I think Yaya is definitely the place to go. You can follow her on Instagram. Her name is @CoachingWithYaYa.

Did you want to have any final things to share? 

@coachingwithyaya: I want to thank you for having me. I love talking to you. It's been a great discussion. So thank you for having me give me an opportunity to talk to your community and yeah. If anyone has any questions, feel free to slide into my DMS on Instagram.

You can visit my website. If you want to learn more about my programs, it's So thank you again for having me. 

Tanika de Souza: Of course, 

of course. And we're going to be looking for these self-paced classes and all of those things that you're going to have to go on. So happy one year in business, that's, celebrate it.

And for now, it's time to make the goals as solidified as you can. To grow. Yes, that's super awesome. Thank you guys for being with us for this virtual hangout, share it. If you find some of the points to be things that you know, your community could use, or some of your friends and family would want to hear and definitely follow her on Instagram @CoachingWithYaya, we will talk with you guys. BYE.

Tanika de Souza

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