How a Woman Can Set Herself Up To Become a Future Female Business Coach


In a time where women are expected to become housewives and mothers, it is inspiring to hear about the strong female leaders in today's world. Women have always been considered less than their male counterparts but there are many women who have made a name for themselves in the business world.

So, for this edition of Virtual Hangout, you'll be able to hear Beverly's story on how she set herself up for success by becoming a Lady CEO and how she built her Female Coaching Business.

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What Does a Business Coach Actually Do?

A business coach advises you on how to improve your company, whether it's in its current state or if you're just starting out. They'll help you set goals that are specific and measurable so that you can track progress, create action plans for achieving those goals, and provide accountability when necessary. Plus they'll teach you the skills of entrepreneurship like marketing strategy and leadership skills so that one day running your own company won't seem so daunting.

Why Do Entrepreneurs Need Coaching?

Entrepreneurs are faced with a ton of challenges, from the initial idea to funding and more. Coaching can provide guidance through these tough decisions.  Though there is no one right answer for every entrepreneur, a coach will listen to what you have to say and offer insight that may not be readily apparent. It's time to take your business endeavors seriously. A coach will help you make important decisions on your own timeline so you can focus on growing your company without distraction or worry.

Is Getting a Business Coach Worth It?

It can be a valuable asset to any entrepreneur. Their expertise and guidance will help you navigate the difficult terrain that is running your own company.

Virtual Hangout with the Coach Lady CEO, Beverly.

Tanika de Souza: Thank you guys for joining me for this virtual hangout. I'm super excited because I get to have a conversation with Beverly and Barry. And we're going to be talking about, first of all, we have a lot of stuff in common that we could talk about. But for this, we're going to keep it to.

Talking about business. And the thing that I love that she and I share as far as language is really helping women move from idea to impact, right? So that's what we're really going to be focused on today. And we will be breaking down really how she built her business. So for a lot of you who are coding, And who really have a passion to help people.

You'll be able to hear Beverly's story about how she is building her business. And she definitely has some really big goals on what she's going to continue to do. So definitely you want to watch this episode, so thank you Beverly so much for joining me today. She. At CEO. So I'll give you a chance to introduce yourself and just tell us how you got started.

@CoachLadyCEO: Thank you so much. I just love connecting with new people and fresh interviews and my name is Beverly Marley businesses, lady CEO, and really how I got started was. Back in 2000, 2014-ish,  I had just finished school. I graduated with a BA in psychology and I knew that wasn't enough.

I felt like I just wanted to do more than counseling. I just really wanted to connect with people. Help people. That was always my role when I was growing up, I'm just being supportive. So it ended up being where I found life coaching through Google. I don't know how I came across it. I just found it and, or it found me.

And I said that is really what I want to do. I want to help just heal anyone to get unstuck. Get their goals accomplished to get their goals done. And the process really began through building my home. I had the goal of in the dream of, I just wanted my home bill and I really didn't understand it until I lived the process. The process of, the contractors and all the paperwork and everything. And it just really showed me that everything is step by step and it takes time. And so I just learned through the things that I need. And with that, even with that, I found. Also, some self-love for me and just finding out who is there really as the adult, Beverly, not there really as the child or friend. And so I found that and found, just, I would make checklists and goals. 

How can I marry the two? And I just I said, you know what? This is what I want to do. Not just to help women achieve goals or not just to help women with their self-care, but just still I didn't marry the two and still be, still wins, still, be on top of their aid gang.

Tanika de Souza: Okay. So the thing that we discuss is the fact that we both went to school for psychology because I did my bachelor's in psychology. And one thing I'll tell you, which is which other people wouldn't understand is when we go into that field of psychology there. Preparing us for advanced degrees and doing coaching in a specific way.

So the thing that I heard, which most people in the outside wouldn't understand is that you had to really understand what it is you wanted to accomplish and break off the track. What you were taught to do, right? Because I had a struggle early in my career because I'm like, no, if you're doing something, cause I also have a master's in counseling psych.

So basically I just drank more of the Kool-Aid. And so it held me back though it held me back as a business owner because I. Didn't necessarily want to work in the parameters of that field and where I felt called to work. I didn't understand how to create that on my own, because school taught me, go to school, get a more advanced degree.

Now, get this license, now, get this certificate. And so then you just end up in school like your whole life, as I thought it was great that you pointed out. I did get the degree. And then I also chose to do something different because other people hear that and say, oh you study psychology. So life coaching is like natural, easy stuff for you, but it mentally isn't, we're not trained to think that that way, it's like thinking of a medical doctor, just saying, I'm going to go and do stuff, in this like more non-traditional way.

They're not trained that way. So I think that's an important lesson. That woman can learn from you, even through your life example that you don't have to follow every single thing that they're like training you, especially as school, like training you to do absolutely. Just go out and create your own path.

So that is great to hear. I did re-read that. I think you wrote it but when you were saying it, I was like, oh, she definitely was like making a bold move because I was. What about the certification? I'm sure you were thinking that stuff. 

@CoachLadyCEO: Oh yeah, absolutely. And like you said, the psychology field, has so many opportunities and so many other different outlets, but within coaching, it does as well, but it's not this, it's not the same in a sense. And so just making that bold move and just knowing that there's another path and I feel that I'm calling. 

Tanika de Souza: Yes. Yeah. So how did you choose the industry or the niche that you're in? The 

@CoachLadyCEO: industry our niche that I'm in is productivity coaching. And so it really developed probably about two years ago.

I just wanted to. Just get goals done, just achieve goals. I've always, everyone says, oh, you always have these goals. Or I get phone calls from family members and friends, and they're like, what should I do? What choice. Should I make you're good at that stuff. You're good at telling me which path or what's the next step.

And so I see, I think that is something. It is something that I'm good at and giving good advice on and in listening and helping with that. So I say, productivity is a lot. And there's a lot of grounds to cover. And I felt like just with the support that I've given to family and friends and just really that's how it, that's how it really got started. Just helping others. Seeing the choices that they have and to let them know that they do have choices, even if it's just to create your own line. And that's pretty much where it stemmed from.

Tanika de Souza: So yes, understanding that you have options. That's something that I teach as a business coach is helping people realize that you can customize your business. You don't have to follow the status quo. Do what everyone else has done. You absolutely have. And the power and the ability to figure out how to do it your way.

So I love that you like you would set your goals and something you said was like, everything is step by step. Like whether it's like building a house, building a business, planning to go back to school, whatever it is like everything is take the first step and then keep moving forward.

Yes. Okay, awesome. So we talked a bit about where your businesses are now and the things that you are doing. So can you share with them about your awesome journey? 

@CoachLadyCEO: Yes, it is. It is I have three self-published journals lady CEO, which is a no self-title journal. And it is all about love, health, and wealth.

And if it breaks down into some affirmations each one has an affirmation. And also a couple of coaching questions, maybe one or two coaching questions just to really help guide versus just free writing in a journal, just based on love health and what I want it to make it as specific as possible.

That is my oldest baby. That baby is about eight years old. Yeah, I had that dream in my head. I have, I still have my old notebook that I would just write affirmations down. And so I wanted to, I didn't want to publish it until I knew it had a more defined reason for it to be published that could help make that impact.

My second journal is a boss lady specifically for women that are bosses women that have their own businesses. And just really. Breaking it down, planning, planning out your week, planning your meeting, writing some notes, and then having a checklist. Maybe there are some things that you need, to do in order to get prepared for the meeting or even after the meeting and just a reflection. Just how did you do. How did it go? And what's the next step that you need to take? And my last baby is manifest. Manifest is for the everyday woman just to really help track down your goals and what goals do you want to breathe life into and to help just really track it day by day and give us some, I think I put I did put a few affirmations in there, but it's not. As much as the lady CEO, when it's more so of, just someone just writing out their manifestations, seeing it two things that comes to mind.

Tanika de Souza: that's awesome. So much share of my journaling because it was so powerful. So I write in a lot of journals. So I think a lot of women do and especially.

Entrepreneurial people like, literally, I'm going to show you, this is so crazy. You can be like, girl, this is just like what I can grab. That's like right under my desk. And there are others that I didn't pick up. Like I'm not even. So one day I was looking for something that I knew I wrote, and I went back to my journal and I had some pages where I was writing like some bigger goals for my life. And I would do this all the time and I wrote it and I, I also pray over it and I'm like, dude, when I'm fasting and all of that.

I have forgotten about this, but these were things that I really desired. So I'm looking at the page and I reading it kinda like who writes this kind of stuff as goals. Like it was like a certain amount of money I wanted to make. I wanted my kids in private school. I wanted I, it was just stuff that at that point in my life was This is normal.

This is like the normal of my life. And I am like way beyond this. And then I remember when I looked at the date, I was like, We were in so much transition in my life. I wasn't sure how I was going to get these kids into private school because my mind was stuck on that's going to be so expensive.

And the oldest one is about to go to college and the younger two have to get into private school, but everything that I tried between the public school and the private school that we settled on. Awful. Like my kids are super smart and every like literally a month or two into school, I was just like, This is not cutting it.

Like they either need to be skipped right now, or I'm going to have to find another school. And they're like, oh, we don't really know them. And we don't know what they are capable of. And the beginning of school is always easier. I'm like, yeah, but where you're going, they can do that. We do this stuff at home.

Like you're not anything close to what they're capable of. And so it was so frustrating by youngest daughter, by the time she. In the sixth grade, which is when I found this private school she had been in five schools because every year, pretty much we had to go. Cause it was just not working. So we tried Catholic charter, all this stuff.

So at the time when I wrote it, It was something that I had no idea how I was going to achieve, but when I read it, not only were my kids in this awesome private school and I'm paying. I have two kids in this private school. I'm not even gonna tell you the cost, but I'm only paying like ground so I can imagine.

I know. And I'm also in the Washington DC area, where are you? I'm in the Georgia area. So I will tell you school up here is more than what people pay in college. Like it's kinda like you're at like that 15 to $20,000 school and then it jumps to the $40,000 school. Clearly, we're at the more expensive level of school for two kids too.

And so I'm only paying a fraction of that cost. My kids are in that school, they are doing so well. And it's really that I felt, we were able to find the perfect fit outside of that. So many other families who like watch me really struggle, especially with my youngest daughter who I said has so many transitions, like struggle with that. And I was just, and I wrote it down and I said, this is what I want. And I have to stay focused on there is a good school. I'm not going to be, yes. We already had three schools, but maybe this school was it? No, maybe this fiscal and. It was heartbreaking to go through. But now for the fact that she's been in the same school from sixth grade, she's entering ninth grade and she is happy. This is where my son is in high. He did all four years of high school here and he was about to graduate and they have so many options. It's a blessing, maybe from your manifests that you really do have to write this down. So I remember that journal experience because when I read it, I'm like, who wants to make this amount of money per month, but it's because I wanted to close one business that was very lucrative and I didn't know. What else I was going to do. And so I was just aiming to make, just dislike certain amount that was going to keep my house afloat and the transition. So yes, that journaling is so powerful. It really is. Yes. So what made you want to write journals? Like I know it absolutely helps people with productivity. Is that kind of your main. 

@CoachLadyCEO: It is, but also, I used to write, I would, I found some, I just threw some away back from high school. Some that I had in high school, the guy that I wanted to marry just the things that, you know, And just some goals that I had personally, for me, I've always wanted to have a business. I just didn't know what back then. And I was just, just riding down, like those notebooks to show, I just went right down, just write down. And it just, it really helped me to get. Whatever the, whatever I was struggling with mentally or emotionally, or even not just the struggles, but praising myself. It just, it just helped really gave me, that to and just have out on paper and just to reflect back on to say, you know what girl you did that's the goal you wanted to do and look at you. You did it too. It's fun to see it. Especially if it's the same goal that I have had for a long time.

And I'm like, I've been having the same goal I need to get on these. Now. It is not changing. That means that it needs to be done. I need. So it's a personal feel to it, but also it's because I know what it did for me personally. I just feel like it would help somebody else that may be, on the same track as I was.

Tanika de Souza: Yes. So as a business coaching, people to us can come, right? Which I aim for the hundred K mark your business. And I always tell people your desire to have a successful business. Isn't going to go away. Like you're just going to keep thinking about it and rehashing it and rethinking it. So you might as well just.

Basically, you owe it to yourself to take the time and figure out how to make this work and make it profitable. Because what I see a lot of women do is we sacrifice so much of ourselves support into the business, but then we don't like, they were like doing everything for free or giving everything away or undercharging.

Oh like your gifts and your talents are worth so much more not to say that you can just, raise your prices just for the sake of raising, but understand the value that you are adding to other people's lives. 

@CoachLadyCEO: Yes. Yes. I agree.

Tanika de Souza: Awesome. So we have the journals and you guys definitely can find out about that the coach, Lady CEO.

But I wanted to ask you, like, where are you planning to grow your business? What is your next step or your ultimate goal? 

@CoachLadyCEO: My ultimate goal is to create a membership. That's something that I've I've had on my mind and in my notes for a while, just to have just to reach more women. Just a membership that will help the everyday woman, but also maybe she has, an idea that she wants to turn into a business, moving from, impact idea to impact and just really how can she get started and also to helping to get unstuck and move it past those roadblocks.

That is preventing her from getting started and building her confidence at the same time and letting her know that. You are worthy. To others, you owe it to yourself to, invest in yourself and pour back into yourself and to not forget that's my main reason for wanting to start the membership.

Tanika de Souza: That's awesome. So have you ever worked with a business coach before? 

@CoachLadyCEO: Not not one-on-one, I've had a few discovery sessions and I am looking to get to that point. I'm looking for one for myself because I've been able to, over the past few years, I've been able to see myself and the Lady CEO growing. And I know that. It only, I can only get me so far, and I know that I will need eventually a business coach for a Lady CEO and for myself. And to even just help me. Be able to help, other women, maybe it's some things that I need to write out or that I have in my head that I need to just get out and that I can break it down into smaller steps for women that are just, starting their business or just, the nine to five girl who's who was just like me, that, that this coming home from nine to five and working on the business and not telling anybody.

Until she leaves the job, that was mean. But so maybe those things are, I have those things, but there are some other things that I need to get through to get to that point. So I'm definitely looking forward to working with the business coach. 

Tanika de Souza: Awesome. So we are about to do some business coaching right now because the thing that I teach in my community is really helping people see that they can customize their journey.

And the thing that I love about your business. Basically, you started from skills that you had, and you started with a desire that you had to make yourself better, and then you move that into how you're going to help somebody else. So there's a lot of people in my community that absolutely. At the beginning stages or they have very similar beginnings, because this what I would say, there's a, there's another type of coaching.

So I'm a business coach, right? Because I want you to have a legit business. I want you to break that hundred K income ceiling. Like we're doing business. We are respecting ourselves as CEOs and like we're doing it right. And there are other people who call themselves. Passion coaches or something like that.

And it's very similar where you have an idea and you're passionate about what you're doing. Oh, they call it passion projects and you'd take on this project. It's not necessarily because you're trying to build a business like this. So they coach you in this area of your passion. So I'm taking it a step further, absolutely your business can start from your passion, but we're going to make sure we're always leaning toward how you're going to make money and how you're going to be profitable from doing it. My community. Basically, that's what she started. She started with passion. She started with a mission that she wanted to fulfill, and then it's okay, what do I do?

And the thing that you pointed out is you went to Google like right with my kids, we call it uncle Google. So you just go ask uncle Google, what is going on? And you came up with a whole profession. I got a whole career change is what you found. On Google. So that's super awesome. So that's the first thing that you did, right?

Are you explored where you can go next? And the thing we pointed out is you didn't stay stuck in what that degree told you to do. Cause that degree absolutely told you to go get a master's and go get a doctorate. Be licensed to open your practice. And they also told you, you owed other companies time for you to be trained and learn and all that. So like you knew the road ahead of you and you just said, Nope, I want to do something else, and jumped off. So that's really great. Testimonial. And then now you're adding in that you were working a nine to five. So can you share with us what did you determine was your indicator of when you were going to be comfortable to leave that nine to five for your business?

@CoachLadyCEO: As I come from a teaching background, so I started out with substitute teaching and then I was moved up to paraprofessional or a teacher's aid from no, and then I actually moved into a classroom. I'm my own. And the feeling that feeling remained the same. I was always, the one in the building that both adults and the children would come to, I would have students from other classrooms come around or come and just to give me a hug or, wanting to vent even the teachers, would come and they would ban or ask a question.

And that's it. There's something it's gotta be something with this. I love teaching the academic part, but I always had this excited, this more exciting emotion about. Listening and about, helping them get through and navigate through whether it was their struggles or, something that happened at home before they got, before they came to school, both adults and children.

So that feeling always remained the same. And I had shared with my husband I said, This is something that I really want to do. And I know that I'm called to it. I just, I don't know what it's called yet, but I know it's something outside of counseling. It's not counseling. I just it's something else.

And so during the summer, I didn't work that summer and I attended a class and I said, yes, this is life coaching. What I want to do. And I held onto that little secret for a little while and started my page. And I said, this is, I like this. I really liked this. And then I had said, Hey, it hit home personally.

Had a medical issue and emergency medical issue that I had to take care of right away. And I wasn't starting to miss more days. And I said, see, this is why I need my own business because I can set my hours, not just around me, medically, but around. But I am called to do, and maybe I can, I can work on a bigger project, throughout the day versus in the classroom.

Nothing wrong with being in the classroom. I enjoyed being in the classroom. I'm grateful for the opportunity, but this is it. I realized that it hit me harder than It just really hit me hard then I really imagined to where we didn't know 

Tanika de Souza: what was, All right, so you gave a really good picture of like, why you got started and the fact that you were working and they had the metaphorical kind of emergency, which, none of us want and whether it's murder, medical, emergency, or life happening or whatever it is.

A lot of us get thrown off. The path that we thought we were on. And then we're stuck with either I'm going to just sit in this or I'm going to like finally do the thing that I want to do. That medical emergency turned into. How you started your business. So could you tell us how you actually got started?

Cause I think you told me your first product or service that you offered was coaching, like to local people or you went into coaching women. So can you tell me like what you were doing with them? 

@CoachLadyCEO: So yeah, so I started out with just some girlfriends that I was close with. Just made, it felt like it was girl chat, girls time, like how we're doing.

Really asking them they were well, really, coming to me and asking me Hey, aren't or she'll life coaching. Aren't helping others to get started and how many help with this, or I'm struggling with this. And I say, I just took it on. Basically just said, no, why don't you do this?

And just, or have you thought about, X, Y, and Z. And it will have, oh, no, that's, that sounds good. And then just being able to see them get results and, get 'em back on track and just really feeling better about themselves. Confidence-wise as well. And so it just, it grew from there and I want it to just make more of an impact.

And so I died created my page and I'm just, now I'm on Instagram and learning about Instagram and connecting to, a wider audience. Then just my close circle of friends and are ones that know me, people that know me, and yeah, so that's where I've picked up from there and just really that's how the goals are.

My goals are just really just why sprit lady CEO, and just try to, turn it into a membership program to where it's helping more women, not just locally, but anywhere in the 


Tanika de Souza: So we were doing the punching and the thing that I'll point out is that I talk about this all the time. Coaching is such an easy place to start, right? Because you knew. Kind of what you want it to do. But when you were able to do those coaching sessions and these are your words, it allowed you to hear their side of where they were struggling, what they needed help with right there. And you met the needs of that individual person.

The thing that is also so awesome about that is you had your medical condition. I'm sure you had to work around whatever your schedule and how your. We're starting to change and dictate when you were available. And so you could just go to a simple like a client. This is probably why you have all your journals and your planners.

But the fact is I want you guys to hear that sheets control of saying, I want to start this business. I'm not starting with a lot. And I know whether this is your story or not a lot of people. The biggest reason why we have debt in this country is because of medical, things like weather that causes a loss of a job, whether that just also just increases our bills, just even the expenses of us now, recovering, like there are so many things, right?

And so what I hate it when people say. So that's the reason why I can't do it. I'm like, no, that's the inspiration of why you have to figure out how to make it fit for your life. And so you went to this is the simplest thing. Cause you could mark on here and say, look, I got a doctor's appointment on Monday, like standing my day, standing Thursday so I can do something.

Possibly or Wednesday and possibly all Saturday, I'm a book. So when people call or when you're talking to them, you already understand I'm available these days. Yes. And you were able to build your business from there. So I want you guys to hear that she didn't use her medical condition as an excuse or as a thing to hold her back.

I'm sure. For some period of time, it might have actually held you back and you didn't, you weren't able to do as much, but I want you guys to hear it. Coaching is such an easy way because the other thing that I am able to glean from what you did is you started to learn what people needed for.

Just the same way that I was talking about. I wrote these things down and I, was able to manifest literally every single thing on that paper. I wasn't even conscious of what I was doing, but you have always been like that. So you are conscious to help people look at their life and to organize themselves to be more productive.

So you're listening for that, right? So I guess, do you have anything else to add about how you went from the coaching sessions to the journals? 

@CoachLadyCEO: Just to really. Once they, once, someone has written in their journals, they can truly, with the coaching questions is why I added the questions in there to just got them, but also, lead them back, maybe, Hey, this is what I'm really struggling with. Just to see, their strengths and weaknesses. And just saying, Hey, this is what I'm strong in, or this is what I truly need help with. And just, okay. Let's reflect back on your journal. What was it that you wrote in your journal that maybe? An area that you need to work in you and list.

See what strengths you have that may be, can be applicable to your weakness and you not even realize it just yet. So moving from just the sessions to the journal, I want it to have something that middle piece of just me guiding, but not really giving you. Four sessions, but just move it through affirmations and just really break down the affirmation. So what as maybe a coach with an ex in a session or just to get the ball rolling. So even create a coaching session. 

Tanika de Souza: Yes. Yes. So definitely all the right steps of understanding because the coaching is going to give you clarity about what your clients are actually looking for. And then from there, you took the next step to build a tool that they can use. To reach the goal that you were helping them to achieve, which was being more productive. And what I love that you say all the time is going from idea to impact, right? Or from saying, this is what I want to realize it, whatever that it is. So you listen to them, you heard their side, you understood what they needed and you created the product that was going to help meet theirs.

Yeah, I coach a lot of people who literally they're like, how am I going to make money? Let me do this. Let me do that. And they start just creating all this. I will raise my hand. I am totally that person too. I create all kinds of stuff. Oh, they should do this. Oh, they should do that. And let me write this and let me write this little masterclass, but it doesn't, I didn't know what my client needed.

I was guessing I was hoping something was going to work, but I love that. Took the time to understand their needs and create a product that was going to meet their needs. And then you were able to use it in your sessions, or if they weren't paying you for sessions, they could just get the book. And so it gave you could start with journals or you can work with me and then add the journals and so work together.

Yes. Yes, that is so awesome. And then your next goal is to have that membership because now what you're going to add is I talked to her working on this every day, and then the membership is going to add that next component of the community. Because I'm also in a place of I'm launching a brand new community.

I've been doing business coaching for a while. I know each one of my clients is awesome and amazing, like on their own. But when they come together, I already in my head know how much power. It's in the community when you're watching other people be able to do the same, not the same exact thing, but just see that they're moving, they're taking steps.

Pushing past their fears. And even just watching the progress pulls you out of yourself so that you too will start to do the same thing. So what are some of the other reasons why you're looking forward to this membership? 

@CoachLadyCEO: One is accountability just, being there for women and for the other women, just all of us be in in a, in a good connection, in a good circle based on, similar interests and just helping each other, get through that. Get through our, weaknesses or questions that we may have, or just really help to build the confidence and seeing, and allow them to see. And learn about, Hey that's a new idea just to get some fresh ideas. Maybe they're thinking about it one way, but when you add another perspective it just, it's a total game-changer, maybe they can help, really uncover some other things that they didn't know that they were strong in inhale and, also uncover and get comfortable with being uncomfortable with some things that, they may struggle with, but like a ladder just really climbing that ladder. To really be successful. That's one thing, accountability. To the connection building the circle and this really Just really having others, just doing kingdom work. That's the foundation of it. I just want to just help as many women as God has for me designed to help just to get them on a better path like how I started out, just, not always struggling.

Now I've always been confused, but getting confused and just to help them with a similar background to just to win. And even though their losses, just knowing that there is a win inside of the loss is a lesson to be learned and what can they take from that lesson and to just put it into, whatever they have that may need, that to meet their need.

Tanika de Souza: That is so awesome. I'll share with, I'll share with you. It was a step that I took that might help you bridge yourself from where you are now to that membership, but you can also do group. Because one it'll start teaching you how to manage groups. However, a lot of people run memberships very differently, so you could have the group coaching totally set up to be a member.

The difference is. Even just by just basics of pricing group. Typically you pay one fee and, as for a set amount of time and they're committed to that, like very defined timeframe, whereas a membership they're paying a monthly fee. Typically for them to continue to be involved with the group.

So before, you could totally be ready for this, but for most people, they have to get to a point where they're ready to deliver content and deliver, that accountability on a regular ongoing basis. So usually I recommend people. Working with a group because sometimes people are okay to just pay whatever the fee is.

They know I have this certain amount of time I can dedicate and focus. And it depends on your audience too. Like I worked with brand new entrepreneurs. Some of them are just like, I don't know. And I'm like, you can commit for nine weeks or you can commit for this long and they can agree to that. But if you're saying.

Do it, long term, the thing that they like about the membership though is usually the price point is a little lower because you're paying a recurring fee. But for you as the business owner, you can decide how you're going to run your membership. Absolutely. You can. But sometimes that. Those group sessions are a good midpoint.

If you're not quite ready to launch the membership that you can do a group and it allows you to start thinking about what are the reasons why the same way you did the group sessions? The individual sessions that came up with here are the tools that I'm going to give them. When you do the group sessions, you can start to think, what is it that I'm going to do to offer that.

Caused them to want to stay in a community and keep coming back. The other big difference with membership groups is that you do have to be prepared to deliver constantly make sure that they are working and growing in your environment. Otherwise, they leave. And we don't want that. We want them to come and stay.

Even if, it's typical that there'll be here with you for one year or whatever it is, but you want to make sure that they're still moving toward a result. So for general knowledge as well, that's you have to be ready to do that. I have been coaching for quite a long time and I will say organizing myself to run a membership group has totally.

Pulled a whole new side of me as like an entrepreneur. Cause it was like, I have to manage this. I don't want to over-complicate it, but I want to give you enough options. So where's the middle ground in that? So it's all exciting. I am super grateful that you joined me today to share your story and to really talk about how you've built your business. Was there anything else that you really wanted to share with my community and yours that will be watching us? 

@CoachLadyCEO: Just remember that you are the CEO. That's how I developed. You are the CEO within every role that you portray. Whether you're a wife, mom, boss, aunt says you are the CEO and you have to self-care is important and you are a priority.

You have the ability to hire fire and promote accordingly to balance your life. And just really that self-care is a priority because when you give yourself the best, you're able to give the best version of yourself in every role that you've purchased. 

Tanika de Souza: Yes, as you were talking. And especially because you're more in the life coaching world and the productivity.

So I was hearing like the CEO of your life, right? So it was coach lady, CEO. CEOs of their life. And I think getting your journals and, participating in your sessions is absolutely their way too. Be the boss that they notice supposed to be and start seeing the results that you want to think that's what this is all about.

We can write in our journals as much as possible, but you need to take the steps necessary to see this thing through. Yes. So you guys make sure that you check out her page on Instagram, like follow, go over there and learn some things, but become the CEO of your life. And for a lot of you who are building your businesses in a similar way, I would love for you guys to comment here.

And we will definitely. Responding to your questions or your comments, or, how you have used these same tools and techniques, or if you're aspiring to use them. We definitely want to hear from you guys. So thank you so much for being with us for virtual Hangouts. This is coach lady CEO,  Ms. Beverly, thank you so much. I appreciate it. Having you today as guests. 

@CoachLadyCEO: Thank you so much. 

Tanika de Souza: Awesome. All right, you guys have a great day. .

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