Business Identity. Why I Need To Be Clear About Who I Am

When you think of a brand, you always associate it with a clean logo, a good choice of colors, or even a catchy tagline. These are ways brands communicate and make an impact on clients. However, some business owners focus so much on how their brands would look but they forget the importance of conveying a clear message about who they are and what their brand is about. Having a business identity is more than having a brand image, but also telling a story of why you are in business. 

What is a business identity?

A business identity is how your brand is perceived by your target market. It is an impression of who you are as a business and what kind of services you offer. It is how you visually communicate to your clients without saying anything and gives them a glimpse of your brand. Business identity also consists of not only a good name, a logo, business cards, and taglines but it also includes how you market your services and how you deal with your clients.

Having a clear business identity can help build up success in your business but finding one does not come easy. Most go through a process to get really clear about who they are as a business.  

Why do you need to be clear about who you are in your business?

Being honest with yourself can be rewarding for both you and your client. You need to be sure of who you are, what you are capable of, what you want to become, and how you help clients get to their  goals. By recognizing these, you will have a clear message to convey to your clients about your identity and your business. 

A clear business  identity allows your client to see what they can get from you. They don’t have to guess about what you do or figure out ways they can benefit from your business. Your clients want to have the clear information necessary to make a buying decision. For example, if you are selling a service, it should clearly say what it is: it could be coaching, templates, a 9-week course, or weekly accountability. As you get clear about what you offer and people interact with you, they will understand what they are getting from you. 

You also need to understand that not all customers are for you. Your ideal customers will come as long as you make clear of who you are and what your business is about. Everything in business undergoes a process, you work on it until you get that sweet spot that’s going to help you grow and flourish. Doing business can make you earn money and by sharing your brand story you also earn relationships and return clients.

Allow me to share my journey. 

I have been in business for 13 years and it took me a lot of turns in identifying to figure out what I want to pursue. It was a process that molded me into the business coach I am today. It wasn’t easy. There were times when no one understood me, , and times when I was experimenting, until I found my true calling. I focused on my strengths and the experience I had helped me shape my brand identity. It was clear enough for me what I want to pursue, what I want to become, and what I can do for fellow entrepreneurs. The 100k Challenge Chick was then birthed, it is a product of my hard work, dedication, and passion. But building that identity was a journey.

As you continue your path in business you may still encounter hurdles, get off track and feel unsatisfied with the results of your hard work. There will be uncertainties but once you keep an eye on your target, you will definitely get there. The 100k Society will back you up!

Now that you are clear with your business identity, carry on conquering greater heights in your business. Be true to yourself, invest in your skills, trust the process, and reap good results after. We at the 100k Society believe in you and we want to partner with you in making this a reality.

The 100k Society is a community that empowers women in bringing out the best in themselves and hitting that 100k target in business. You are not alone in this! Having someone to walk with you and help you when you feel stuck can deliver the best results. We are here to journey with you.

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