How a Woman Can Set Herself Up To Become a Future Female Business Coach


In a time where women are expected to become housewives and mothers, it is inspiring to hear about the strong female leaders in today’s world. Women have always been considered less than their male counterparts but there are many women who have made a name for themselves in the business world.

So, for this edition of Virtual Hangout, you’ll be able to hear Beverly’s story on how she set herself up for success by becoming a Lady CEO and how she built her Female Coaching Business.

How YaYa Turned Her Life Experiences Into an Effective Mindset Coaching Business

Mindset coaching is the practice of helping people change their mindset to help them achieve goals. People who struggle with mental health issues can benefit from this type of coaching as well as those looking for a more positive outlook on life.

For this edition of Virtual Hangout, you’ll be able to hear YaYa’s story about her life experiences before she became a successful mindset coach for women.

How an Assistant Real Estate Agent Became an Online Business Manager

For this edition of Virtual Hangout, we will know how Alexis, a former Assistant Real Estate Agent transitioned her life into becoming an Online Business Manager (OBM). Let us also find out why she decided not to pursue it after getting her Real Estate Agent License.