I help moms and wives gain clarity and build their businesses to $100k without sacrificing their time and relationships.


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Why do less than 18% of women earn $100K in their businesses?​

3 things most female entrepreneurs are missing


learning from someone who HAS accomplished the goals you want to accomplish


offers you accountability and a tribe that understands you.


stop guessing and wondering what to do , we will design a system around your life and goals

FREE Coaching Week

What if you could create a ladder to $100k in business income?  You can! I call it “The Money Ladder”.  Once a Month I host 5 free coaching sessions to help you learn and understand your Money Ladder.

It’s Free…Won’t you join me?

Stop Desperation and Financial Sputtering.

Its time to  gain  clarity and momentum 

Hey Lady, 

Here is what I know about you…you have an expertise which propelled you to start your business.  I believe that expertise can help you grow your business well past $100k/year.  You may not see how today and that the whole point of my book.  I am going to teach you HOW to build a “Money Ladder” that will literally help you climb to financial freedom.

Tanika de Souza

CEO AND FOUNDER, The Challenge Chick

It's Just So clear...

Travis H.

It was very enlightening....

It all was very enlightening and I will be scheduling a consultation for the Money Ladder.

I honestly like all the information that was provided you really made me think “what will you be known for” and it put a lot of things into perspective.

Although I know I still need to learn more and willing to learn

Isa C.

Building My brand...

I. Wilson

The Community

I created the $100K Scoiety for you to be able to let your hair down, share your wins, get help with your struggles and EXECUTE your plans. We are a group of women who are talented, busy, professional and know our business will help people.

The System

It all has to fit. You business needs to fit your life and your life needs to fit your business. Intrinsically you know that but probably have no clue how to make FIT a reality. The $100K Accelerator is a 9 week coaching program where I will help you:



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